Why Teach through screen media?

Parents of toddlers often gush about the kid’s intelligence displayed by unlocking and browsing through the smart phone. While it is important for the children to be exposed to technology, overuse may be detrimental. Children below the age of two must be limited to less than an hour of screen time and no more. Studies show that prolonged use of screen media leads to lack of attention, poor academic performance and can impair development of empathy, problem solving skills, peer interaction and unstructured play. If screen media is a bane, the why use the same in preschool education?

Learning pattern of children

Those involved in preschool education in Singapore agree that children are sensor-motor learners meaning that learning is through the combined effort of all the body-senses. The rate of learning is greatly increased when they are exposed to how something feels, look, smells and sounds like. Connection in the child’s brain is built through personal and direct interaction which becomes automatic with repeated exposure. Thus, the growth pattern can be manipulated while controlled. The neural connections that develop strengthen with repetition and future learning follows the pre-formed channels.

Learning through screen media

Since children are exposed to screen media even before they enter a formal educational setting of a preschool, their brains are wired to learning in a different way. Consider two children: a toddler who strikes down on the piano keys displayed on an iPad and another of the same age, learning from playing on a real piano, the neural connections associated with each’s activity is different given their medium of learning. Since this connection is pre-formed, teaching through the same aid will have a greater impact.

Screen media becomes an important tool when the preschoolers are introduced to unfamiliar concepts that aren’t commonly seen like snow, for example. As they learn pictorially, images on screen media feels more real as compared to a chart picture.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to screen media based education: for and against. Those for active learning (not involving screen media) claim that comparative studies of learning with and without screen media do not show a significant improvement in learning abilities of the former: screen media learning is not more effective than active learning.

In conclusion, screen media can be used as a learning tool. A boom in the mobile application world has introduced many interactive learning apps appropriate for children of all ages. The only challenge remains restricting the exposure time.

Benefits Of Leadership Courses Singapore

Training potential leaders can prove most beneficial for the successes of any organization. Effective characteristics for managers include a natural confidence and ability to influence and motivate a workforce without harsh authority, but inspiration. With participation in leadership courses Singapore businesses can develop effective management to achieve its objectives and improve production.

Proven training methods based on a scientific and psychological approach to change are most beneficial in develop strong and consistent leaders in the workplace. Strategies include a focus on adapting behavior by introducing important skills and encouraging confidence and personal abilities. This includes adopting a non-authoritative approach, but one that is emphatic and involves a great degree of emotional intelligence.

Performance driven programs can assist in creating confidence by adapting and modifying individual behaviors. The ability to motivate employees can assist in improving productivity for organizational purposes. It is important that the appropriate skills are learned to apply to professional situations and to best support the needs of staff including the ability to work well under pressure.

Businesses able to invest in developing future leaders will be equipped to engage with people of different dynamics and be better trained to cope with conflict in the office. General feedback and positive criticism are better received by employees when there is a vested interest in the humanity of others. It is important to determine the appropriate procedure that must be applied to effectively retain and motivate members to reach individual and group objectives.

Success requires supportive measures including the development of individual talent and behavioral requirements. Such measures can assist in producing the most suitable results for business needs and the support of confident and strong leaders within the working environment. Implementing the appropriate steps and receiving tried and tested training courses for self improvement can develop the most successful results.

The ability to adapt to circumstances and best manage a workforce when facing uncertainty can assist in gathering support for business objectives. It is important that behaviors are modified through personal improvement programs that assist in moving towards an effective leadership status. Such steps will assist in producing the best outcome for individual requirements, but also for the success of a business.

Self improvement or personal improvement programs are important steps in the creation of effective and confident leaders within the workplace. Behavioral modifications and an approach that does not include harsh levels of authority have proven most effective in gaining the trust and support of employees. Such training courses are effective in the development of new management.

Why Children Enjoy Themselves At Day Care With Other Kids

Learning is different for everyone however education juvenile should only have the best. Because this is where important life skills are developed as the child becomes an adult, so for children to benefit greatly from mandatory education. It is important that parents should think of institution to send their young ones.

Children these days are faster learners especially when they are placed in an environment where they are able to explore fully many kinds of options before them. Hence teachers now incorporate activities for toddlers in their study group so aside from teaching youth the basic foundation. They also help children relate to their surroundings therefore is very crucial for guardians to leave their children only in the hands of highly trained professionals.

Professionals that are not only qualified to handle young children but also have the background and have a strong knowledge in helping youth improve themselves. More over not only the teachers that parent should also be concerned about but also the kind of institution they enroll their kids in. Aside that guardians also think about other aspects that could affect their decisions when choosing the right institution.

Some guardians think about the location and the surrounding areas of the schools while others think about the distance of the school from home and work. Because guardians are always thinking about the convenience and accessibility of the school. And no wonder that many guardians often choose less than better for their kids because they compromise good education.

However compromising education is not a good thing because kids need a holistic approach to education. Kids must be trained not just to become upright citizens but equipped with knowledge and skills to help them understand their place in this world better. Education is mandatory but not many kids are able to participate in it because of their family holding them back.

It cannot be helped children are unaware of their situation sometimes it is also necessary that juvenile need to have guardians to keep them in the right path. However parents who are considering to send their juvenile to nursery should understand that some schools permit parents to stay during classes while others do not. There are reasons for this some parents become too proactive and aggressive during class often disrupting the flow.

However when it all comes down teachers and the school itself often need to screen parents before they are permitted into the class. Another reason why teachers allow parents to be included during classes is to help them understand their students better. Teachers need to know how to relate to their students therefore a good way of doing is getting to the parent better.

Because this not only help the teacher creates a study plan for their students. It also allows the student to become more open and engaging during class. There are students that are naturally inhibited but there are some who are outgoing and extroverted. Hence it is necessary teachers find a way to balance everything out.

What Is The Right Way To Learn English

Learning something new is always interesting. The question of what is the right way to learn a language is based on the reason for wanting to learn the language. If you are interested in communicating with people while traveling, you do not need to worry about perfecting your grammar. The point is to get the pronunciation right, the syntax in place and the ability to be understood. There are several ways to get this in order. Self-study books, learning online, work effectively. English schools in Singapore will be able to get you on the right track.

Here are a couple of suitable methods to get you on the right track to communicate in English effortlessly

Forget about being nervous

Read aloud so that you can actually hear yourself as you speak. As you continue down this road, you will get better. Practice makes perfect. Ask for help from a teacher as often as possible so that you can improve along the way.

Trust the Teacher

English schools in Singapore has a variety of teachers to impart knowledge in a safe environment. During the course, you are bound to make mistakes – learn and improvise. The idea is not to repeat the same mistake twice. In a classroom setting, the teacher does not make fun of her students, she encourages.

Communicate in English

It is rather difficult to communicate in a language that you are not used to, but you have to make an effort to get out of your comfort zone. Speak with members of the class and learn from them and join an online conversational group. Speak on topics that keep the conversation flowing.

Don’t Give into Frustration

Frustration can get to you especially if your pronunciation is not right or you fail at tests. Failure is not the end of the world, it actually enables you to better yourself.

Watch English Shows

If you are a couch potato and enjoy serials, switch over to a program in the English language. You will get hooked on to the show and learn the nuance and the language for sure. Television has its charms and does educate!

The actual way to learn a language is to keep speaking, reading and writing in the medium. Make mistakes, correct them and have fun along the way. Therefore, the right way to learn English – get your grammar right, the pronunciation on point and the syntax in order, period.

We Have Services For Every Business Requirement – Intro International

Formation of a company requires a lot of work along with the brainstorming over the idea of launching a company to a lot of structures included starting from the registration to paper work. So, if someone who wants to incorporate a business in Singapore , they need follow few / all / add-on these key features in setting it up like brainstorming on the idea, targeting the mass, planning, resources, marketing, campaigning, Financing, Registration, Maintenance and setting some goals.

Structuring of a company – Singapore is one of the best business destination for the atmosphere it created to the enthusiasts and aspirants who are trying to set up a company. To make it much exciting it is the choice that is made on the structure type of a business and an entity which is legal makes a lot of difference. At Intro International one can get the assistance in the business objectives to make the business of the company efficiently structured.

Corporate Services – To ensure an efficient business after the incorporation Intro International provides all those services related to advisory and corporate therefore delivers a smooth functioning. With the compliance services on the regulatory needs of ACCRA and IRAS client receives a chance of focusing on their business. Other services include annual return preparation filing, windup help of a company etc.

Tax and Accounting Services – The services related from bookkeeping to managing payroll anything referred to taxation and accounting can be done customized to meet every client’s needs. Solutions are provided as per the capabilities and challenges faced by the client, therefore allowing them to run an efficient and compliant business.

Management consultancy – With vast experience in every industry related to business and understanding that each client requirements differ from that of the other; the services provided in this stream are various. The services provided in managing a company from starting of Singapore business incorporation to the paper work is not limited but customized as to meet every client’s need and solving the challenges like incentives, licensing and deal sourcing are to name a few.

Business affiliates – The experience and knowledge has built a network in assisting the clients to provide those business affiliates who are trustworthy. This service which is the comprehensive one allows the partners of the business and the clients to solve any challenge and approach for any problem they encounter. Few of them are the logistics, shipping, PR recruitment and so on in the vast services provided.

So, for a business to run smoothly right from the starting or launching it, few people require guidance and few require some services. At Intro International one can get all the services and guidance for launching, starting, incorporating a business in Singapore. Right from the structuring of a company to services provided to corporate, Tax and accounting to consultancy on the management and even providing trustworthy business affiliates.

Pre Nursery, Key To Overall Development

It is high time that people have an idea what preschool is and what difference it has over simple care institutions. There is a curriculum being followed in order to provide proper learning for the kids. Most of these institutions are present so the children could be prepared for the future and their fundamental needs for education and learning. The entire program is guided with the right pattern for learning.

If the desire of parents is to have their children learn certain things in various areas, the proper establishment would be the institutions they need to get into. Child care centers are not the best choice if the goal is education and learning. However, you have to choose the proper preschool to ensure that the kids will not just learn but be taken cared of as well. This is what most establishments that offer pre nursery in Singapore is doing.

There have always been studies that would tell people regarding the benefits that they could get from sending their kids to early education. Although there are still other individuals out there who are doubtful of the effect that this decision has, there is the fact that it could offer a lot of things to kids that one can count on. The effects that this decision has is known to be lasting as well.

Play is a necessary activity for kids. Some individuals do not have any idea how this could impact the children. But because of the fact that they are still young, their attention span is not as focused and they would rather spend their time on more interesting things. The only way for them to learn and retain their learning is through making use interesting activities such as playing. Thus, it has become an important part of everyday routines.

For each establishment, the focus and specifics of the programs they follow will be very different. The end goal, however, is the same. The aim to ensure that a child is well cared for and has learned the most necessary things is what these institutions are there for. Basic stuff such as shapes, letters and colors are then introduced as preparation for their first year at grade school.

The other benefit of having them attend these institutions is that they can communicate with other people and kids their age. Socializing comes with a lot of benefits both in the development of the cognitive aspect and their behavioral side. Forming bonds with others is known to enhance their skills in various areas as well.

When teaching kids good behavior, the things they usually learn and see will be instilled and they would carry that until they age. For that reason, the fundamentals and foundations must be solid. Having good personality is key to success in major and minor decisions for the future.

There is a need to choose the proper pre nursery school. Not every establishment can provide what is needed for the children. Each of them have their own preferences and interests that parents are obligated to support and provide.

Tips To Understand Education & Parenting

There are different kinds of strategy that you can get out there whenever you have the chance. Of course, some of it can be formulated by you, so you should be more aware of the things that you could learn from it whenever possible.

That is why, if you wanted to look for excellent kind of parenting, then it is time for you to move forward. Education & Parenting are two hard things. You need to work on them for you to be able to take advantage of the things that you can get from it. Of course, learn Chinese for kids is quite complicated compared to education, but this depends on the individual to where he or she would complicate it.

This can be a tricky thing to consider about, that is why reaching your goal should always be your main objective. Some of the goals that we have in mind right now might not always work as what we wanted it to be. Of course, those goals are pretty direct and will require focused solution to determine where you should start and if you do the right thing or not.

Be sure that if there are information you find really hard to maneuver. You have to try and ask your friends about it. For sure, they will be glad enough to give you everything you should know about it. In fact, if they have all the chance to do that, they surely assist you with it.

Do not rush on factors that are quite hazy. This is a common problem that we will be getting every time. However, you should be slow enough with what works on your favor, so if you think there are issues that needs to be addressed, then go for it.

Researches can be utilized to your own advantage whenever there is a possible thing that you could learn from it. The more you do some research, the better the possible results will be. It might not always give you the power every time.

We do not want to read about the things that we wanted to do. The reading phase require some focus and will assist you with the whole perspective of the information that you could get from it. As long as you do it, the better it should be.

Finally, ensure that you analyze the information based on what is supplied on your end. Do not just analyze those aspect out just for the better of something.

Life can be bit hard sometimes, that is why you should try to look for ways to go about it. If you can find a way, then it would be fine.

How Prenursery Schools Can Help Children Cope Up With Stress?

Children these days encounter different types of stress associated to studies, sports, performance and social skills, even when they are in pre-nursery school. This stress may not be visible prominently as in case of adults but children have their own ways of expressing this stress like stomach aches, anxiety, trouble sleeping at night, anger, infections etc. To overcome this problem you need to first understand what is this stress and ways to tackle it.

What is stress?

Stress is body’s reaction to a physical or emotional situation which bothers a person way too much creating an imbalance in his life. Occasional stress is normal and we not only encounter it on daily basis but also overcome it. Stress becomes a problem when this daily stress becomes overwhelming, which results in increased heart rate, faster breathing and tensed muscles.

Cause of stress

There are various reasons of stress, it may be because of family tension, office work etc. but in case of children it is mainly because of performance anxiety or some fear. Researches have shown different reasons of stress among children as well such as birthday parties, new pets, or even birth of a new sibling. Parents need to be aware of any change in the child’s behaviour as any sudden change in their behaviour may be associated with stress.

Strategies to reduce stress

As a parent you always need to promote positive environment at home, no matter how tensed you are that stress should not reach your children. Help your child convey his feelings to you fearlessly. One thing you need to remember is that your child is going to imitate you for first few years, so never express your anger or do anything wrong in front of him. Explain patiently all his queries, it may happen he stuck his chord at something and you didn’t explain it to him and that particular thing ran through his mind all night and he couldn’t sleep, that also may cause stress. If he has problem sleeping at night you could help him with stories or songs whatever he likes. You have to try different things, which may be irritating at times for you but you need to maintain your cool.

As a parent it is your duty to avoid stress from entering your child’s life at first place. Even if it enters it is your duty to deal with it positively, encourage your child and beat the stress.

Building Blocks – Mere Play or Life Lesson

Since ages, kids have been playing with woods. But it was Frederick Froebel who brought forward woods in various geometric shapes for children to play and manipulate. On the other hand Caroline Pratt introduced what you today known as the unit block. There are many countries in the world that have included building blocks as a part of their preschool and kindergarten curriculum. On the other hand there are many schools that are doing away with the building blocks and replacing the same with test scores to evaluate the performance of the preschool and kindergarten schools. These schools are trying to focus more on specific instructions and drilling. However, several studies have exhibited that use of building blocks can help in sharpening the mathematical skills, abstract thinking, social skills, creativity and literacy.

Importance of storing and sorting using unit building blocks

The process of storing and sorting the building blocks on the shelves can be regarded as an important activity for the prenursery kids in a prenursery school in Singapore. Natural wood colored wooden blocks should be used in the school with adequate space for the shelving so that kids can learn how to organize them easily. Children may be also asked to match the wooden blocks with the pictures and this can be a great learning experience for them. This activity is popularly known as ‘reading the blocks’ and kids as young as 18 months can do this matching activity with the wooden blocks.

Stimulates all round development of your kid

Playing with building blocks can impart valuable learning experience for your preschool or kindergarten kids. Kids can exhibit improvement in physical, mental and cognitive skills while they play with the building blocks in their learning places. In fact, various studies have proved that playing with building blocks can improve a kid’s skills with numbers and mathematical skills to a great extent. Many researchers have claimed that kids who play with this building blocks in the age group of 3, 4, and 5 are seen to perform much better in Mathematics, particularly in Algebra when they are in their middle schools.

Teachers must be experienced and trained enough to know what type of questions should be asked to the kids while they are playing with those building blocks so that the latter can derive the maximum benefits from them. The teachers should know how to ask the relevant questions to the kids such as ‘what will happen if a particular block is put on the top off others?’, ‘which row is smaller and vice-versa?’, ‘Is that shorter or taller than your classmate?’ and so on.