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Enrichment Classes for Toddlers in Singapore

The greatest thing a parent could do for their toddler is to identify their child’s ability or talent at an early age and help develop it. Even though this seems like a noble task, and one that each parent should set out on, most parents will confess that it is not easy trying to identify a toddler’s ability at such an early age. I mean, how could you tell that your Tommy is destined to be a great drama actor or Tessie, a great ballet dancer?

Well, as much as this may seem like untying a Gordian knot, it is not entirely impossible. There are ways to identify these abilities in toddlers. These include enrolling your toddler in an enrichment class. Here is a list of some of the enrichment classes to enroll your toddler in Singapore:

1. Swimming class

Swimming is one of the must-have skills for toddlers from a young age. Later on in their lives, they will head out to the beach or get invited to their friend’s pool party. What a shame it will be if they can’t swim. However, such a situation can be averted by enrolling them in a swimming class, where the baby will have their first ‘water experience’. The instructors at such classes show the parents how to make their child familiar and happy when in water.

2. Language class

If your wish is to have your child not only speak in English, but also dabble up in a second language, then enrolling them in a language class seems like a wise idea. Some language schools in Singapore will help your toddler learn English and also Mandarin. They are introduced to Mandarin through traditional stories and also get to learn the elementary phonics.

3. Music class

Everybody responds to music and toddlers are not spared. Enrolling your toddler in a music class will help give them enviable skills and set them apart from the rest. Such classes are usually high energy and full of information. The tots get to experiment with different sounds and try out children musical instruments.

4. Memory class

This class is aimed at helping toddlers absorb information faster and also gives them an opportunity to apply it. The instructors use flash cards so as to help the children in exercising their memories.

5. Cooking class

Hey, who knows whether your toddler is the next Gordon Ramsey? Enrolling them in a cooking class will be nudging them in that direction. In this class, children get to take part in making basic meals and also have a general feel of the kitchen.

With these and more playgroup Singapore available, you can have your toddler’s skills sharpened and set them on the path to discovering their hidden talents too.

Childcare – A Matter Of Love

In the past, raising a child was something not as complicated as it is today. Especially in towns where there was almost no danger and children could play all around the neighborhood with their parents being sure nothing evil would happen to them. Nowadays, things are quite different from that. Raising a child in the 21st century involves a lot of complex questions.

Children must be prepared to face the hard times we are going through. Apart from the country in which the child lives, there is no doubt life is getting more and more difficult to handle, and instead of playing, making jokes and enjoying a real childhood in playgroup Singapore, children from all over the world are obligated to act like adults and suffer from their early lives.

As many parents are not ready to handle this, a lot of children are seeing themselves in hard situations, even being abandoned by their parents. That makes the rate of adoptions increase disproportionately. The necessity for two households makes the situation even worse, and because of that, the caring is often delegated to day care centers and child minders – this is the picture of actual childcare.

Paying for childcare has become such a common thing that it is becoming a big business. People who prefer the service of professionals and don’t want to have to take children to and from day care usually hire nannies. Especially in The United States, nannies will never be unemployed. There are always parents that need their work. Nannies can work in many different ways. They can live with the family and be dedicated to the child she is caring for full time; they can work only when the parents aren’t able to care for their child; or they can be hired on some occasions when the parents have to go a party and can’t take their kids with them.

The routine in day care centers is a bit different. These centers consist of a place where children are educated and they eat there, they sleep in the afternoons, they play with the other children, etc. When parents go to work, they leave their kids there and come back to pick them up at the end of the day.

Day care centers are an alternative for parents whose kids are not of school age, because when the children reach the age to go to school, the problem of childcare is mostly solved. While parents are working, the children are at school, which is quite simple and practical. But the most delicate time is the early childhood. That’s when children need their parents the most, and that’s exactly the time when their care is delegated to professionals.

All these alternatives for taking care of kids whose parents aren’t able to look for them, because they have to work, even in order to give them a better life, are completely understandable. But the most important thing can’t be forgotten. The kids must be raised with the supervision and

authority of their parents. Fathers and mothers can’t just go having babies being sure that’s going to be easy to raise and educate them because of the nannies, the creches and day care facilities. Delegating the caring role sometimes is perfectly healthy and even necessary, but parents are not supposed to forget they are the main source of love and respect that their kids have.


Early childhood education concentrates on children in terms of providing care and education in playgroup Singapore . They are the primary care providers of kids once their parents are unable to stay with them due to work. With this in mind, parents are at ease that their children will receive appropriate care even in their absence.

But even if the parents are confident of the care their children receive, it’s still essential for child educators to know that they should also maximize the opportunity of having parents join with the activities. As experts, they know that parents also play an important role in helping kids learn. Early childhood education professionals must inform parents that they must also take part in different activities done by the school to ensure they can also bond with their kids and even help their children learn. The following are some of the opportunities where parents can take part to contribute to their child’s learning.

In-school activities

Numerous activities are conducted inside the classroom to help them with their learning. Book reading is a good way of teaching kids since they are usually attracted to different stories and incorporating them into learning can be a helpful way in teaching kids. In playgroup Singapore, early childhood education experts can ask parents to read books for children at one point in time. Each parent will have the chance to read these books and let their children see that they are also interested in teaching kids. The good thing about this is parents will not only have the chance to be a part of their kids’ activities but also change their classroom’s pace since they will have other people to see inside the facility. Of course, experts will tell parents about this activity early on so they can prepare properly.

Out-of-school activities

Early childhood education is not only done inside the classroom, but also as outdoor activities and field trips, which will help children learn more about different things. On these activities, children will learn different things by experiencing and seeing the actual things they will study. Examples of these are the environment and other scientific experiments. Some museums would have scientific setups suitable for kids at this young age. They can explore them together with their parents, such as doing different experiments or checking out different setups. Aside from learning, this will also help parents bond with their children as they do the activities together.

Apart from learning early childhood education, outdoor activities are also helpful in developing a good relationship with their parents, especially if they have not done any bonding activities lately. This is their chance to catch up with each other because of busy schedules. Teachers will inform parents personally about these field trips and other activities so parents can set up their schedule to join them.

Overall, maximizing parents’ participation for these activities is also among the main aim of teachers who work as childcare educators. They set up different activities to help children bond with their parents while incorporating learning in the process.

Choosing the best day care centre for your child

Families with kids, where the mother or both parents are working, usually need to make provisions for such kids while the mother is away at work. This is because of the fragile nature of the kids and the need for an adult to always watch over them to avoid accidents and other mishaps.

The options include leaving them with a relative, a trusted friends, a maid or in a day care amongst others. For a family opting to leave their kids in a day care centre, it is vital that they choose the best day care centre of their child. Choosing the best day care centre is very vital. Here are some factors to be considered, which will aid in getting the best day care centre for your child.

Sick policy

Children are prone to a wide range of diseases, many of which are very much contagious. Based on this, day care centres are expected to have sick policies in place to ensure that other children do not get a disease from a sick child. Parents must therefore ensure that the day care centre has a sick policy that is okay by them and, at the same time, does not put their child at risk as it is a two-way thing.

Some parents prefer to personally take care of their children, while others might not bother, allowing the school take care of them. It is therefore vital for parents to ensure that the day care centre they will be choosing has an onsite nurse or a separate infirmary where sick children are kept. This would help to make sure that their kid does not get diseases from other sick children. This would also help them when their own kid is sick, as they will be comfortable with the fact that the day care centre has the ability to treat them.


Day care centres should not just serve as a place where a child should be dropped off and stay until the parents are ready to pick them up. Apart from ensuring that the kids are comfortable during this period, the centre could put in place activities that could help the kids to learn. There should be provisions for toys, children’€™s toys and other activities that would help the child learn while the kids are in the school. For instance, some day care centres provide enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore for kids that are kept in the day care centre.

Staff to child ratio

As opposed to primary and secondary schools, the children in day care centres are often very little, with age range from few months to 5 years old. While a staff member can cater for up to 50 secondary school students or more, this would not work for kids that are just few months old. It is expected that there shouldn’€™t be more than 10 children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old allocated to one staff, more than 8 toddlers allocated to one staff or more than 6 infants allocated to one staff.

Why parents should spend quality family time with their toddlers

Family time is a period of time which is set aside by parents where they spend time with other members of the family. A number of activities are normally slated for this period when they involve toddlers, such as an enrichment class for toddlers and games amongst others, so that the toddlers and their parents are able to have a fun time. For parents and teenagers, however, the family time could entail more of talking about personal experiences since the last family time, catching up on each other’€™s lives and parents advising their teenagers on challenges they might be facing. This article is however focused on the benefits of parents spending quality time with their toddlers.

Improved self-confidence

Self-confidence is when an individual believes in his or herself and is able to carry him or herself in high esteem, wherever they find themselves.

Self-confidence is very important as people with them are always motivated and bold to carry out tasks and responsibilities that are assigned to them without fear of failure. When parents spend quality time with their toddlers, the self-confidence of the toddler is bound to improve. The toddler would start to believe that he or she is valuable to the parents, that is why the parents are dedicating so much time to them. When they go outside and people try to trample on them, the memories of their family time with the parents would remind them of their self-worth and they would not fall to such issues. When parents however constantly turn their toddlers away and hardly spend time with them, their self-confidence could drop and this would negatively affect them.


Happiness is a vital mood that everyone desires to always have. There are however several issues in life that often threatens people’€™s happiness and, in most cases, leave them sad for some period of time. When parents are able to have quality family time with their toddlers, they would be able to have a family time where both the parents and toddlers are very happy all through the family time period. The memories of the family time with the toddler can go a long way in making them a happier person even when they have grown much older. They would be able to reminisce on these memories whenever they are down or sad and it could just be enough to make them happy again.


Every child wants the love of their parents and every parent wants the love of their children. One of the ways this love can be developed is when there is constant quality time between parent and child. When parents spend family time with their toddler, the love of the parent for the child and that of the child for the parent continue to increase. This will bring both parent and toddler closer to each other and both of them will benefit a lot from these.

As the toddler grows older, he will be very free with the parents and be able to confide in them. Whenever they are away from each other, they would always have each other in mind and look forward to seeing each other once more.

Reasons why parents send their toddlers to school

It is believed that it is a great choice for parents to send their toddlers to school as it is a great time to start to learn. There are, however, some other people that believe toddlers are too young to be in school and during this period, they still deserve the attention of their parents. While they don’t object to children starting to learn at this early age, they believe that any learning, educational or otherwise, at this phase of the child’s life should be taught by their parents. The number of people with the latter belief is however decreasing due to the increasing demand for both parents to work and cater for the family. Currently, there are several schools that cater to toddlers, with new ones springing up every day. Furthermore, the numbers of registrations of toddlers in these schools are also rising regularly. Here are reasons why parents send their toddlers to school.

To learn

A lot of parents believe that their toddlers are of age to go to school. They believe that toddlers have the ability to learn and that teachers, who have been specially trained and have experience in teaching toddlers, are in the best position to carry out this training. Most parents also look for time to check what their toddlers were taught in school as well as try to do revision for them at home. The parents therefore register their kids in schools that offer classes for toddlers to learn how to read and write (more of coloring).


Another major reason why parents send their toddlers to school is due to the fact that they are constrained by time. In several homes, both parents have to work and this implies both parents leaving the home in the morning and coming back in the evening. The nature of work is also such that the mother cannot take their toddlers due to a number of factors. First is the fact that the toddler would serve as a distraction to the mother and this would have negative effect on her productivity at work. Several organizations therefore frown on mothers who have to bring their toddlers or even older kids to work, especially on a daily basis. Another factor is the fact that when the mom is not working, the toddler could wander away and either injure themselves or cause havoc in the office environment, which could be very costly. Based on this, parents have to enrol them in preschools where they can attend classes for toddlers and be catered for.


Some parents send their toddlers to school because of the opportunity such kids have to interact with other toddlers. They believe that allowing their kids to begin to socialize as toddlers would enhance their ability to relate with people as they grow older. They believe going to preschool as a toddler would boost their confidence when relating to others and would eliminate the shy feeling some kids who start school at the age of 5 and above sometimes experience.

Why Children Enjoy Themselves At Day Care With Other Kids

Learning is different for everyone however education juvenile should only have the best. Because this is where important life skills are developed as the child becomes an adult, so for children to benefit greatly from mandatory education. It is important that parents should think of institution to send their young ones.

Children these days are faster learners especially when they are placed in an environment where they are able to explore fully many kinds of options before them. Hence teachers now incorporate activities for toddlers in their study group so aside from teaching youth the basic foundation. They also help children relate to their surroundings therefore is very crucial for guardians to leave their children only in the hands of highly trained professionals.

Professionals that are not only qualified to handle young children but also have the background and have a strong knowledge in helping youth improve themselves. More over not only the teachers that parent should also be concerned about but also the kind of institution they enroll their kids in. Aside that guardians also think about other aspects that could affect their decisions when choosing the right institution.

Some guardians think about the location and the surrounding areas of the schools while others think about the distance of the school from home and work. Because guardians are always thinking about the convenience and accessibility of the school. And no wonder that many guardians often choose less than better for their kids because they compromise good education.

However compromising education is not a good thing because kids need a holistic approach to education. Kids must be trained not just to become upright citizens but equipped with knowledge and skills to help them understand their place in this world better. Education is mandatory but not many kids are able to participate in it because of their family holding them back.

It cannot be helped children are unaware of their situation sometimes it is also necessary that juvenile need to have guardians to keep them in the right path. However parents who are considering to send their juvenile to nursery should understand that some schools permit parents to stay during classes while others do not. There are reasons for this some parents become too proactive and aggressive during class often disrupting the flow.

However when it all comes down teachers and the school itself often need to screen parents before they are permitted into the class. Another reason why teachers allow parents to be included during classes is to help them understand their students better. Teachers need to know how to relate to their students therefore a good way of doing is getting to the parent better.

Because this not only help the teacher creates a study plan for their students. It also allows the student to become more open and engaging during class. There are students that are naturally inhibited but there are some who are outgoing and extroverted. Hence it is necessary teachers find a way to balance everything out.

Tips To Understand Education & Parenting

There are different kinds of strategy that you can get out there whenever you have the chance. Of course, some of it can be formulated by you, so you should be more aware of the things that you could learn from it whenever possible.

That is why, if you wanted to look for excellent kind of parenting, then it is time for you to move forward. Education & Parenting are two hard things. You need to work on them for you to be able to take advantage of the things that you can get from it. Of course, learn Chinese for kids is quite complicated compared to education, but this depends on the individual to where he or she would complicate it.

This can be a tricky thing to consider about, that is why reaching your goal should always be your main objective. Some of the goals that we have in mind right now might not always work as what we wanted it to be. Of course, those goals are pretty direct and will require focused solution to determine where you should start and if you do the right thing or not.

Be sure that if there are information you find really hard to maneuver. You have to try and ask your friends about it. For sure, they will be glad enough to give you everything you should know about it. In fact, if they have all the chance to do that, they surely assist you with it.

Do not rush on factors that are quite hazy. This is a common problem that we will be getting every time. However, you should be slow enough with what works on your favor, so if you think there are issues that needs to be addressed, then go for it.

Researches can be utilized to your own advantage whenever there is a possible thing that you could learn from it. The more you do some research, the better the possible results will be. It might not always give you the power every time.

We do not want to read about the things that we wanted to do. The reading phase require some focus and will assist you with the whole perspective of the information that you could get from it. As long as you do it, the better it should be.

Finally, ensure that you analyze the information based on what is supplied on your end. Do not just analyze those aspect out just for the better of something.

Life can be bit hard sometimes, that is why you should try to look for ways to go about it. If you can find a way, then it would be fine.