The Ultimate Guide to Child Care Centre Costs

If you are facing another upheaval to your family in terms of being pregnant or are currently in need of a child care centre because your extended family or employer cannot offer support, be ready for a hefty monthly cost. Singapore does offer subsidies to the costs and fees charged for a child care centre for citizens who meet specific qualifications. There are also workplaces and children-friendly corporations and businesses that offer child care to their employees.

The cost for a child care centre Singapore offers for infant care, or for children under the age of eighteen months, is extremely high compared to a child care centre for children over eighteen months. On average, a child care centre will be more cost effective for families in Singapore than hiring a nanny or a babysitter, but keep in mind, that it may cost you less for these in-home services for infant care.

A child care centre Singapore has to offer is not a mere care centre for your children, but will teach, develop and increase your children’s social, emotional and developmental capabilities. Most nannies and babysitters throughout Singapore also are capable of educating and helping your children develop as they age, but may not be the right financial fit for your family.

Nannies and Babysitters

Hiring a nanny or a babysitter if your employer or extended family cannot offer assistance during the infant stages could save you a bundle. An infant care centre in Singapore has are extremely expensive, costing an average of $1.3k to $2k per month. Most nannies and babysitters, for all-day infant services, will charge you between $900 and $1.5k for a live-in rate.

NTUC First Skool

The NTUC First Skool offers costs that are fairly competitive with other child care centre rates for full-time monthly care. NTUC child care will cost approximately $1k to $1.9k per month, but keep in mind, these are schools which teach, train and care for children over eighteen months and will supplement as your children’s preschool.

Average Child Care Centre Costs

The average child care centre costs per month are around $700 to around $800. The government will subsidise costs of child care centres in Singapore if your family meets the requirements. On average, the normal working family could save between $150 to $800 per month off their child care costs.

If you are in need of a child care centre because family or other care providers are not available, there are many options available, depending on your financial situation. Do not leave your children alone without proper care; choose the option that is right for you and your family today.

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