When a Child Hates School What Can the Parent and School Offer?

When a child develops a dislike for something or someone, he may never budge unless he is coaxed to think positive. The fact of the matter is that, whether a child likes it or not, he has to attend school and cannot stay rooted at home. No doubt, homeschooling does help, but not many prescribe to this method. In fact, unless a child interacts with people outside the home, he may find it difficult to get past the introvert stage. Should your child dislike going to school, here are a few suggestions for both parent and teacher to consider.

Understand the Reason

There may be a bully in the class causing your little one to hate leaving home. It is the duty of the parent to understand why the child is acting out and bring it to the notice of the school. The teacher must keep an eye so that she can point out the bully. Once the rogue element is found out, the teacher will have to tackle both students carefully. The objective is to make sure that both are on the same page and do not cause anyone harm.

The Subject is too Difficult

Not every child is genetically similar to the next. Some kids may enjoy a subject with gusto, while others take a while to comprehend the basics. At this stage, from the perspective of the teacher, she must slow things down a bit, so that all the kids understand. She can also assign something for the fast learners so that they do not feel left out.

Make School Life Interesting

The idea of offering something else aside from the regular routine helps hone the development skills in the child. By offering activities like sports, drama, music, art and other activities, children find their niche and branch out to do something aside from pore over their books. A mixed bag of extracurricular activities paves the way for better learning skills!

Social Interaction

To break barriers when they start kindergarten school and in child care singapore , teachers organize a social mix up in class so that kids get to know one another. This simple method gets them to open up a bit about themselves, their likes and dislikes and make friends along the way. While this may seem irrelevant, it is very important, especially since children at the infant care center are only used to their families.

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