Activities That Are Effective In Playclub

A child must be nurtured by all those that influence him. Learning through effective teaching method helps learn new ideas as well as provides overall development. The effectiveness of activities and teaching methods help make the child more comfortable and open in class. Active participation and decision making skills are also made possible.

Learning is a process of life. Every stage of life we learn new skills and concepts that help us be the best that we can. Effective teaching activities at a young age develop a love for learning. Activities that can be used for effective learning are:-

1) Alphabets and words – activities like spelling out loud, words starting with the same letter, identifying letters by pointing at them, songs related to alphabet sounds can help teach these concepts easily and a regular revision would be fun for the children.

2) Reading – looking around the classroom or on a playground, we see various sign boards and instruction manuals have words. Pointing at alphabets and 2 or 3 letter words can help the child learn easily. Colour variations are also helpful and make the reading process fun. Rhyming words are also fun as children come up with funny words that may not even be a word. This makes the classroom lively with laughter. Games regarding how to roll your tongue, and bite your lip for alphabet sounds can be fun and entertaining.

3) Numbers – counting with the help of tangible objects like buttons, beads or chocolates gets the attention of the child. Asking the children to observe the number of a car number plate, number of eggs in a carton or number of vegetables the child eats for supper are interesting ways to help the child reinforce the concept as well as put it to practice. Counting with the help of fingers is also an effective way of counting. A higher order concept in mathematics for toddlers is contrasting or separating based on groups. A child must be able to separate the spoons from the fork and count the quantity for each set of objects.

4) Forms and colors – apart from drawing shapes, children can cut shapes from magazines or art and craft books with the help of the teacher or parent. Then using those cut outs for a collage can also help improve motor skills. Baking cookies in different shapes are also a fun way to orally drill the concept. Finger painting and play dough can reinforce the concept of colors.

At, these activities help children enjoy their classes for toddlers .

Author: Maria Green

Hi there! I have worked with children for all my life and I believe in nurturing the next generation for our future. I am a trained children educator especially in the area of Math and English, and I hope that this blog will serve as a platform to share my knowledge to parents, guardians and even fellow teachers so that we can maximize the potential of the young children together. Hope you enjoy my sharing!

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