Childcare – A Matter Of Love

In the past, raising a child was something not as complicated as it is today. Especially in towns where there was almost no danger and children could play all around the neighborhood with their parents being sure nothing evil would happen to them. Nowadays, things are quite different from that. Raising a child in the 21st century involves a lot of complex questions.

Children must be prepared to face the hard times we are going through. Apart from the country in which the child lives, there is no doubt life is getting more and more difficult to handle, and instead of playing, making jokes and enjoying a real childhood in playgroup Singapore, children from all over the world are obligated to act like adults and suffer from their early lives.

As many parents are not ready to handle this, a lot of children are seeing themselves in hard situations, even being abandoned by their parents. That makes the rate of adoptions increase disproportionately. The necessity for two households makes the situation even worse, and because of that, the caring is often delegated to day care centers and child minders – this is the picture of actual childcare.

Paying for childcare has become such a common thing that it is becoming a big business. People who prefer the service of professionals and don’t want to have to take children to and from day care usually hire nannies. Especially in The United States, nannies will never be unemployed. There are always parents that need their work. Nannies can work in many different ways. They can live with the family and be dedicated to the child she is caring for full time; they can work only when the parents aren’t able to care for their child; or they can be hired on some occasions when the parents have to go a party and can’t take their kids with them.

The routine in day care centers is a bit different. These centers consist of a place where children are educated and they eat there, they sleep in the afternoons, they play with the other children, etc. When parents go to work, they leave their kids there and come back to pick them up at the end of the day.

Day care centers are an alternative for parents whose kids are not of school age, because when the children reach the age to go to school, the problem of childcare is mostly solved. While parents are working, the children are at school, which is quite simple and practical. But the most delicate time is the early childhood. That’s when children need their parents the most, and that’s exactly the time when their care is delegated to professionals.

All these alternatives for taking care of kids whose parents aren’t able to look for them, because they have to work, even in order to give them a better life, are completely understandable. But the most important thing can’t be forgotten. The kids must be raised with the supervision and

authority of their parents. Fathers and mothers can’t just go having babies being sure that’s going to be easy to raise and educate them because of the nannies, the creches and day care facilities. Delegating the caring role sometimes is perfectly healthy and even necessary, but parents are not supposed to forget they are the main source of love and respect that their kids have.

Author: Maria Green

Hi there! I have worked with children for all my life and I believe in nurturing the next generation for our future. I am a trained children educator especially in the area of Math and English, and I hope that this blog will serve as a platform to share my knowledge to parents, guardians and even fellow teachers so that we can maximize the potential of the young children together. Hope you enjoy my sharing!

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