Why parents should spend quality family time with their toddlers

Family time is a period of time which is set aside by parents where they spend time with other members of the family. A number of activities are normally slated for this period when they involve toddlers, such as an enrichment class for toddlers and games amongst others, so that the toddlers and their parents are able to have a fun time. For parents and teenagers, however, the family time could entail more of talking about personal experiences since the last family time, catching up on each other’€™s lives and parents advising their teenagers on challenges they might be facing. This article is however focused on the benefits of parents spending quality time with their toddlers.

Improved self-confidence

Self-confidence is when an individual believes in his or herself and is able to carry him or herself in high esteem, wherever they find themselves.

Self-confidence is very important as people with them are always motivated and bold to carry out tasks and responsibilities that are assigned to them without fear of failure. When parents spend quality time with their toddlers, the self-confidence of the toddler is bound to improve. The toddler would start to believe that he or she is valuable to the parents, that is why the parents are dedicating so much time to them. When they go outside and people try to trample on them, the memories of their family time with the parents would remind them of their self-worth and they would not fall to such issues. When parents however constantly turn their toddlers away and hardly spend time with them, their self-confidence could drop and this would negatively affect them.


Happiness is a vital mood that everyone desires to always have. There are however several issues in life that often threatens people’€™s happiness and, in most cases, leave them sad for some period of time. When parents are able to have quality family time with their toddlers, they would be able to have a family time where both the parents and toddlers are very happy all through the family time period. The memories of the family time with the toddler can go a long way in making them a happier person even when they have grown much older. They would be able to reminisce on these memories whenever they are down or sad and it could just be enough to make them happy again.


Every child wants the love of their parents and every parent wants the love of their children. One of the ways this love can be developed is when there is constant quality time between parent and child. When parents spend family time with their toddler, the love of the parent for the child and that of the child for the parent continue to increase. This will bring both parent and toddler closer to each other and both of them will benefit a lot from these.

As the toddler grows older, he will be very free with the parents and be able to confide in them. Whenever they are away from each other, they would always have each other in mind and look forward to seeing each other once more.

Author: Maria Green

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