Importance of Having Age Appropriate Teaching Methods

Learning a skill is not always the easiest of tasks and it may take a lot of dedication from both the teacher as well as the student to make sure that they pick up what is taught to them to the best of their ability. Although it is the teacher’s job to teach them most of the time, it is also important that the teacher use teaching methods that are appropriate for the child according to their age. Teaching a preschooler using the same methods that would generally be used to teach higher level classes will not be as effective as using methods that will be appropriate for children of younger ages. This is especially true if it is a language that the child is learning. For example, in Mandarin language classes, the kids are categorized into groups according to their ages and the level of which they are in the process of learning the language. Smaller children who are just starting out with their Mandarin classes can take part in the Adult Accompanied Programmes that helps them lay the required foundation of the language. This will ultimately help the child to successfully learn the language.

The Preschool Programmes during activities for toddlers would help to introduce the basics of Chinese culture to the students. It helps them not only learn the language but also know how to recognize and respond to different types of situations that they will come across. This will aid the students taking part in these classes to be more confident in their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

Finally, the School Year Programmes helps the child fulfil all the requirements of the language standards that are usually set by the Singapore Ministry of Education for primary school Mandarin Curriculum.

Though different from the traditional way of teaching, that was usually always more focused on teaching of the theory rather than helping the child practically learn the language for themselves, this method is more beneficial and can help the child to improve their skills to a great extent and also expand their knowledge that would not always be possible in the traditional methods. The knowledge that is gained in this way gets deep-rooted into the child’s mind and this is more beneficial when it comes to teaching a child a skill of any kind. As the child has been able to build a good foundation for their classes they will be more successful with higher level classes.

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Author: Maria Green

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