Reasons why parents send their toddlers to school

It is believed that it is a great choice for parents to send their toddlers to school as it is a great time to start to learn. There are, however, some other people that believe toddlers are too young to be in school and during this period, they still deserve the attention of their parents. While they don’t object to children starting to learn at this early age, they believe that any learning, educational or otherwise, at this phase of the child’s life should be taught by their parents. The number of people with the latter belief is however decreasing due to the increasing demand for both parents to work and cater for the family. Currently, there are several schools that cater to toddlers, with new ones springing up every day. Furthermore, the numbers of registrations of toddlers in these schools are also rising regularly. Here are reasons why parents send their toddlers to school.

To learn

A lot of parents believe that their toddlers are of age to go to school. They believe that toddlers have the ability to learn and that teachers, who have been specially trained and have experience in teaching toddlers, are in the best position to carry out this training. Most parents also look for time to check what their toddlers were taught in school as well as try to do revision for them at home. The parents therefore register their kids in schools that offer classes for toddlers to learn how to read and write (more of coloring).


Another major reason why parents send their toddlers to school is due to the fact that they are constrained by time. In several homes, both parents have to work and this implies both parents leaving the home in the morning and coming back in the evening. The nature of work is also such that the mother cannot take their toddlers due to a number of factors. First is the fact that the toddler would serve as a distraction to the mother and this would have negative effect on her productivity at work. Several organizations therefore frown on mothers who have to bring their toddlers or even older kids to work, especially on a daily basis. Another factor is the fact that when the mom is not working, the toddler could wander away and either injure themselves or cause havoc in the office environment, which could be very costly. Based on this, parents have to enrol them in preschools where they can attend classes for toddlers and be catered for.


Some parents send their toddlers to school because of the opportunity such kids have to interact with other toddlers. They believe that allowing their kids to begin to socialize as toddlers would enhance their ability to relate with people as they grow older. They believe going to preschool as a toddler would boost their confidence when relating to others and would eliminate the shy feeling some kids who start school at the age of 5 and above sometimes experience.

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